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A good Search Engine Optimization is the base and the key to position a web site on the search engines such Google, Yahoo or Big and increase the organic traffic, the leads and the conversions

Digital PR

The ability to manage Digital PR campaigns and interact with people both online and in real life is fundamental to increase the brand awareness online.

Social Media Management

The world of Social Media is always changing and is important to know how to move on such realities in order to attract more potential clients and make a brand more popular thanks to specific campaigns studied for the different social media channels.

  • Luca Vecchio

    Fabio is a brilliant professional and creative. Even in public he is always able tomanage to keep up the pace and the involvement of the public. He has an ace up its sleeve: the originality, which for a responsible of Digital PR is certainly the winning element.
  • Prof. Americo Bazzoffia

    From the professional point of view Fabio has a strong competence in all the most innovative levers of corporate marketing, in particular those relating to the world of the web. Fabio is an intelligent and creativite person: he has strong problem solving skills and he is able to manage brilliantly a team. So Fabio can definitely be a skilled manager and he is certainly is a young leader who, I am sure, will make the fortune of the companies that will welcome him.
  • Ben Barlow

    Fabio is a very organised and helpful partner, always available for communication and excellent at completing any tasks asked of him. The work is always to an exceptional standard and without stress or complication. He has an excellent knowledge of SEO and online marketing and has been of great help over the last few months. Thank you!